Sterling Silver Unisex Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Unisex Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver Unisex Cuff Bracelet

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D E S C R I P T I O N 
Gorgeous solid Sterling Silver wire formed into a cuff. This is 1cm wide by 2mm thick. I formed it into a beautiful oval shape and work hardened it to maintain the current shape. It Can be slightly adjusted to your perfect fit upon recieving it.

This is a 7 1/4" blank and will fit an approximate 7.5-8.5 inch wrist. 

This may not be the exact cuff you receive. I can make these especially for you as they sell out, also.


A D J U S T I N G * C U F F S

When adjusting the cuff to fit, it is very important to adjust it to the size you need and try to let it STAY at that size. If you are continuously adjusting, you will "work harden" the metal and it will eventually snap. 

When you take off and put on the bracelet, be sure to do this on your arm JUST ABOVE the wrist bone. This is a "fleshier" part of your arm than the wrist, and you can slide the bracelet on and off, instead of bending the metal at the wrist bone.



This is a 7 1/4 inch blank to start, which will fit well on a medium to large wrist and can be gently manipulated to fit smaller or bigger. If your wrist is 7 inches or smaller, please know this will be very loose and possibly fall off.


C A R E * T I P S

-Do not wear your jewelry in the shower/bath, in a pool or when using harsh chemicals

-Take off jewelry when going to bed, working out or cleaning

-Do not use harsh cleaners. Soap/water and a soft cloth is all you should need. You can use a jewelry cleaning cloth to lightly polish metals



If an item is not to your satisfaction, please contact me, as I want us to both to be happy with your purchase. Exchanges due to sizing issues will be accepted from items that are unused. I may not be able to reproduce an item if it is a "one of a kind". Please contact me if you need to exchange due to sizing. Returns will be accepted once from a customer. *I am sorry, I cannot accept returns on earrings.

Buyer pays return shipping to me.

Please purchase insurance or use USPS tracking and retain the tracking information. This protects both you and me with any shipping issues.